”LAW AND deontological basis of preparation of the General Practitioner” textbook (.pdf)

Master’s in forensic science was founded in 2005, the Opening of Magistracy was due to the need for a modern system of General, special and inclusive education in training highly skilled specialists in the field of diseases of the nervous system.

Education in Magistracy ensures the formation of students ‘ scientific knowledge and practical skills in the field of medicine. Education in Magistracy lasts 3 years and is carried out on budgetary and contractual basis. Today, this area is considered one of the most popular among graduate students annually and the TMA to the Department of forensic medicine is an average of 5-6 students.

Training in the master’s program are 1 doctor and 1 candidate of medical sciences. Training includes academic research and practical skills in the main Office of the national forensic medical examination and forensic medical expertise Bureau of the city of Tashkent.

Under the guidance of experienced graduate students receive skills necessary for independent research, learn the skills of forensic medicine and forensic provoj. To date, graduates of the master of our faculty exercise their knowledge and skills in leading clinics of our country and abroad.

Graduates of the master’s degree in forensic science and the law may work in the following directions:

  1. in high school and secondary school.
  2. research organizations.
  3. in the workplace.
  4. the State governmental institutions.
  5. in hospitals